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Some projects I have worked on in the past

Procedural level generation

This system is based on modular room and corridor presets and will generate the amount of rooms needed.

Third person combat system

Third person controller with combat features such as combo system, lock on mechanic, movement relative to the target, weapon drawing/sheating...

Fish flocking system

This system handles fish AI. It has to determine individual fish movement depending on many factors such as cohesion, aligment, distance between individuals and survival instincts.

Army formation system

Army formation like in total war. Formations can be edited with ease in runtime.

Get in touch

Contact me about my assets or to discuss your project. Prices will vary greatly on project's complexity, length and deadline. I strongly recommend having a good idea of what you are looking for, furthermore a GDD is always more than welcome.


  2. Discord: Monsey#7381

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